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Y-harness for the dog, with four closures and adjustable at five points. The Y-shape with pressure point on the chest provides maximum freedom of movement for your dog.

Dog-friendly nylon Y-harnesses handmade in Atelier d’Ellis. The Y-shape ensures optimal wearing comfort and safety for your dog. The harness does not need to be pulled over the dogs head due to the four closures at the belly and neck. The harness can be adjusted at five points for a perfect fit. This video shows the benefits of a Y-harness.

The Y-harness is of high quality and gives full freedom of movement in muscles and joints. The Y-shape with pressure point on the chest is gentle on the dog’s delicate neck and does not cause pain, restriction, friction on the skin or other discomfort. The harness is suitable for all dog breeds and does not chafe behind the elbows. The four closures make the harness very suitable for dogs that do not like to be touched on the head. How do you put the harness on? Watch this video.

The material is strong, soft, light, elastic and colourfast. The nylon-6 polyamide webbing is fully recyclable. The Y-harness is designed with the knowledge of over 30 years of dog study and observation. Harnesses are available in seven sizes (size chart) and eighteen  colours. For a custom made harness please contact us. The harness can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees, preferably use a laundry bag.

Shipping information: 1-3 working days (if in stock). Shipping costs within the Netherlands are € 4.95. For other countries: click on the currently selected country (the Netherlands) and select your country.

Would you rather pick up the dog harness y-shape in  Hoek (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen) and save on shipping costs? Send a message to order and we will make an appointment to collect your order for free.

Size Chart*


Chest size

Neck size

Band width

Breed (adult dog)


27-38 cm

24-28 cm

15 mm

Puppies / toy breeds


30-45 cm

26-44 cm

15 mm



40-55 cm

32-44 cm

15 mm

Jack Russel / Pug


50-70 cm

36-46 cm

20 mm

Tibetan Terrier / Beagle


60-80 cm

48-60 cm

25 mm

Labrador / Golden Retriever


70-100 cm

60-82 cm

25 mm

Bordeaux Dog / Vizsla


90-130 cm

65-92 cm

25 mm

Landseer / Great Dane

*Sizes measured tightly along the dog body with a flexible tape measure

Tailored harness

It is possible (without additional costs) to have a tailored harness. For example if your dog has a long back, or is just in between sizes. You provide the measurements of your dog yourself based on the instructions below:

  1.  Chest size: measured tightly, two fingers behind the front legs.
  2.  Neck size: measured tightly from the sternum to the lower cervical vertebra (which is approximately in a straight line above the front legs, at the point between the shoulder blades).
  3.  Back length: measured from the lower neck vertebra to the base of the tail.

First choose the biggest size that comes closest to the measured measurements, this determines the price of your harness. Then enter the measurements of your dog. Passing on the measurements correctly is your own responsibility. Custom made harnesses cannot be exchanged.  Shipping information: 2-3 weeks.

How to measure?


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