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The Do Not Stroke Dog Tag fits perfectly around the back strap of our Y-shaped dog harness.

Would you like to avoid conversations about your dog not wanting to be petted by strangers? Then the Do Not Stroke Dog Tag is a godsend!

Positioned on the back of your dog and in a large font, this tag is easy to read for people approaching. The tag prevents getting in exciting situations and sometimes unpleasant conversations. Quite peaceful for both dogs and humans.

The leather Do Not Stroke Dog Tag is easy to attach to the back strap of the harness with a velcro closure. The text on the handmade Do Not Stroke Dog Tag is available in many colors, matching the color of the harness. If your color is not in the color selection list please contact us to discuss your wishes.

Delivery time for the Do Not Stroke Dog Tag is 1-3 weeks, depending on the atelier. Shipping costs from the atelier and within the Netherlands are € 6.95. For other countries: click on the currently selected country (the Netherlands) and select your country.

The Do Not Stroke Tag cannot be returned, because it is custom made.

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