Intake session dog behaviour

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€ 120,00 (including VAT)

First behavioral consultation / intake session € 120 (2 hours). No interim supervision or aftercare is included in the purchase of individual consultations. This is only possible when purchasing a route.

About Dog Livity's Canine Behavioral Coaching

A dog's behavior can change due to environmental influences, pain or stress. The dog can be more tense, anxious or very busy. Behavioral coaching can help you regain balance along with your dog. During the behavioral coaching, Dog Livity goes in search of the cause of  behaviour that is experienced as a problem, together with the dog and human.

The behaviour a dog displays stems from an emotion or discomfort (pain). By identifying the cause behind this behaviour, there is more understanding for the behaviour itself. You will better understand why the dog does what it does and learn to read your dog's language flawlessly. That way, communicating with your dog really becomes collaboration.

Time needed for a Canine Behavioural Coaching trajectory depends on the nature of the questions and the progress you make with your dog. Every dog ​​takes new steps at its own pace, it requiers sufficient time and a lot of patience . That is why we offer different routes. For more information, visit the Dog Livity website.

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